Please look in the “Fireworks” page and offer your comments

I am collecting the thoughts of Utahns on this issue. Please take a moment and speak upimage

One thought on “Please look in the “Fireworks” page and offer your comments”

  1. Status quo. There are a lot more dangerous things out there than fireworks. The air quality affect is negligible when compared to the major sources of air pollution in the areas of Utah with poor air quality. I have had a pet that got anxious with the noise; for the couple of days a year that fireworks can be setoff, it is very easy to manage that anxiety. The only area that I might sympathize with is the area of vets with PTSD. However some people are cherry picking that issue to support a personal agenda. There are other things that are more common and can trigger a response attributed service in a combat zone. For example when I am camping and unexpectedly hear a random target shooter, the old sirens out at DCD and TEAD that got tested weekly, or any of the numerous triggers that can be experienced while driving. The fires and people setting them off outside of the prescribed times are unfortunate. People do stupid, unsafe and illegal stuff all the time, go to any intersection in Salt Lake County with a stop light and tally the number people who run red lights. Which provides a lot more exposure to a dangerous situation than fireworks.
    Although the fireworks laws do effect the areas that I continually see used as justifications for banning them, the effect is a very small piece of those bigger issues. Leave the fireworks laws alone.


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